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Things You Need to Look at Concerning PPH Programs

PPH programs are certainly the wave of the future for bookmakers and anybody interested in earning a nice living from the sportsbook, casino, racebook, and the entire gaming industry at large. If you or are looking to take your bookie business to the next level, then you must find out what the pay per head industry has to offer. For some of the best per head sites, see Techtimes top 5 per head list


  • There may be some reading this that have no idea what a “Pay per head” is! The “Pay Per Head” is commonly referred to as a “PPH”. It’s an acronym. The pay per head is a software supplier for everyday bookies that desire to have an online presence in a quick, easy, and affordable fashion. The price per head delivers a patented brand of software that is the sportsbook. What they offer you is an app on your PC, Laptop, or mobile device, there is no coding required, no site building, and no programming skills needed. The PPH is the online sportsbook. They set up the entire sportsbook, casino, and racebook to look exactly like any other online bookmaking service that you can find when conducting an organic Google search. Do us, and yourself a favor, right now – go to Google and search for “Online Sportsbooks”. Anyone of those sportsbooks that come up – this is the same format and layout that you will be receiving when you sign up with a PPH. 


  • Why a PPH, are there other choices—This is a great question and one that bookies ask often, and they should be asking. As a bookie, you should find out what the most viable option is for you and what you want to offer your clients. 


  • There are other choices, however, be prepared to spend big money. Here is what a PPH does for you… They set you up with a custom-built, bookmaking website that comes with an exclusive .com address for you and your clients. If you have clients, the PPH will integrate them for free. The custom-built website that you are receiving is also built for free of charge and they build it within a day or two of signup. 


  • Here is what you are not doing… Trying to compete with other online bookies. If you have this idea, it’s the wrong idea! You are building a price per head to keep the clients you have now. You need client loyalty and you are not getting it if you are not online. When you are not available to take your client’s “action”, what do they do? They find a bookie that will. This is why you need a PPH. The PPH gives you a 24/7 presence and you do not need to be available. 


  • The client will log into their account and gamble anytime, from anywhere and they are gambling against you, on your website. They are gambling with you just as if they conducted that Google search, we asked you t do above. Now, they are spending money with you, not them. 


  • Back to other choices—Yes there are indeed other choices, you can certainly latch onto an existing sportsbook as an agent and do business in this manner, however, one will need to have a close relationship with management or a pile of extra cash sitting around to “deposit” your way in. The other way is to hire a web developer and have them build a great online sportsbook for you. This will also cost you a pile of money. You can count on around $5,000 minimum, to start. 

The top per head sites will get you started with no money, and no fees to pay upfront. What you pay for is “price per head”. Hence – “PPH”. The best PPH providers in the gaming market are charging around $7-$10 per head, per week. You pay only if the player plays. Should they play at least once, then you will pay the $7 fee for the entire week and they may place as many bets as they choose, in the sportsbook, the casino, or the racebook. The PPH does all of the work for you. They set the daily sides, totals, and offerings on a state of the art user interface. Call today and start earning what you are worth.