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Pay Per Heads Out There

Is owning a sportsbook right for you? What options do you have as a bookie? No matter what kind of bookie you are and how big or how small your operation is, what you must have is options if you want to earn a great income.

  • What’s the difference between owning a sportsbook and acting as an agent for one? How does it benefit you to own a sportsbook and is it an easy thing to do or is it expensive and unmanageable? These are a few of the questions that we get asked daily. Bookies want to know how to earn more income and make the most out of what they do for a living. We want to give you some friendly advice.
  • You must be online if you want to keep the clients you have now. There is no other way to say this, slice it, or break it down. You must be online to earn great money and keep the clients you have.
  • Do not misunderstand the message here. We are not telling you to take your business online to compete with other online sportsbooks. No, this is not our message, and it should not be your goal. Listen, the “other” guys have untold thousands of client’s and while it would be great to catch a few of their clients here and there, this should not be your goal and you should never think in these terms. Your immediate goal is to keep the players you have.
  • There is a simple reason for our message “focus on the clients you already have”…. Your clients have options elsewhere. The “big boys” that we have just talked about, those people are everywhere, and they are your client’s other options. Your client can sign up with them and be playing in 10-minutes or less. They are already there, you may not realize it, but they are. There is a simple reason for this… The “big boys” are offering your clients what you cannot as a local bookie.
  • The “big boys” of the online gaming world are offering clients a fantastic online casino as well as a great racebook and even a poker room. They are offering great contests, politics, lottery, and much more. You simply can’t keep up with this competition.
  • As an owner of an online sportsbook, you can also be offering your clients a great online casino and a world-class racebook that comes with more than 75-tracks from across the world. Your clients will love your online presence and you will love it even more for the fact that your clients are spending twice the money.
  • We recommend getting online with a pay per head. In our estimation, this is the only way to go and it’s certainly budget-friendly. You will not pay a penny for a fantastic gaming website that offers a state of the art user interface and all of the daily sports bets from around the world.
  • Do not even consider becoming an agent for a major sportsbook. Why split your profits with someone else? You will not be your own boss, as you are with a PPH. The PPH does all of the work for you such as setting the daily events, as well as all of the lines and odds. They grade all bet slips, and you will always have access to on-demand player and financial reports. Budgeting is a snap; player management is now something that you can keep a handle on, and your money and profits will increase within the first week.

We know that profits mean everything and, in this day, and age, time means everything. You can earn big money if you are willing to let a professional bookie management company be the bookie for you. They do everything but you are the boss. Your say is what matters, and they will work with you. For around $7 per head, per week, you can be earning huge money with a custom-built, FREE website. The best PPH providers are offering you a gaming website for free. Make the call now and turn your life around.