Price per Head Sportsbook Bookie Software $10 per head


Pay Per Head Usage

Have you been researching how to become a bookie?

One of the terms you have likely seen a lot is “pay per head”. What does pay per head (PPH) mean?

Essentially, a PPH is a service that will make starting a sportsbook as simple as possible. First off, what are some of the things an online bookie needs to begin operating?

Top Three Pay Per Head Features

Make the most of your use of a pay per head service by researching these three features:

  1. Software: Have you bet online before? Sportsbooks utilize sophisticated software suites that allow sports bettors to place wagers on any internet-connected device 24/7.

Without bookie software, you’re going to be using Excel to track bets and accepting bets through email/telephone. That’s not a recipe to success in 2021. The software is extremely important.

Today’s sports bettors expect live sports betting, casino games and horse racing betting markets as well. Spend a lot of time ensuring you research PPH software thoroughly before joining anywhere.

  1. Sports Betting Odds Management: You’re going to be busy sourcing players and working on maintaining your current betting sheet. You don’t have time to deal with the odds.

PPH services will have betting odds for sports around the world. On a given day, there are 1000s of different betting markets available for your players to wager on, including futures and props.

Trying to manage fast-moving odds for that many markets is impossible without professional help.

PPH services hire odds managers with years of experience to create/update betting odds. Apart from the software, this is the second most important factor to research when joining a PPH,

  1. Support Clerks: A pay per head worth joining will provide excellent support, but not just to you. They’ll also have a call center that your players will have access to.

When a player has a problem with their account or a bet they placed, you don’t want to have to be available 24/7 to support them. However, you also need to ensure the problem is dealt with quickly.

This is where support clerks come in. Having a team of English-speaking reps to handle the daily support will free up a lot of your time to work on the more important tasks.

What Does a Pay Per Head Charge?

These are the top three things to research when you’re planning on becoming a bookie and using a pay per head service. There are more features, such as financial reports, but they’re secondary.

PPH services also have expert IT professionals to build your website, manage servers and more.

So, how much does all of this cost? The good news is that PPH services are cheap. You can expect to pay $10/head, which simply means you’ll pay $10 per active bettor per week.

An active bettor is defined as any player account that has made at least one wager that week.

However, you can get started with the best pay per head site today for free. How? Most PPH sites have a free trial, so new bookies can begin operating with no money down.