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MLB Playoffs | What to Know

The 2021 MLB playoffs are on top of us and if you want to earn serious profits then you must be ready. Your clients want the best lines and odds, along with the best betting options. What are you offering them? You must dig deeper than simply the run line or the spread. There are numerous great ways to bet on baseball and it’s a given; your clients want to bet those ways.

As a local bookie, it’s difficult to offer much more than a couple of different ways to bet on any sport. You are not an online bookmaker and you handwrite bet slips. Everything is done because you bust your tail to do it and this is highly respectable, however, it’s costing you big. You MUST find an online presence for this MLB playoff season as well as the ongoing football season. The NBA is right around the corner, the NHL… we are entering the busy season and gamblers are back. They are gambling now, more than ever. It’s time to find a fantastic pay per head and start seeing huge profits.

  • Offering an online presence: If you are a bookie on any level then you know that betting clients want to bet at all hours of the day and night. You also know they have options concerning this matter. You are not the only fish in the sea, and they will seek out, and find the competition.

  • The Competition is literally everywhere and it’s extremely easy to sign up and deposit with them. Once they leave the fold, they will probably not be back. What you must do is keep them. Do not let them getaway.

  • You need all of the cross-action that you can get because you depend on the juice for a large part of your income. The way to keep your clients is by offering them a website where they can gamble without calling you. They don’t want to call you and you don’t want them calling you unless it’s for a new deposit!

  • Setting the daily events: You must be organized and if you are not online with a PPH that automatically sets the events, then you know what a hassle this duty can be. There is nothing worse than having a client call and ask for a game that you have not heard of.

  • You are caught in the headlights and have no idea what to do. This happens often. There are umpteen sporting events to bet on at all times of the day and night and your clients will find them, count on it. You need the action. Sure, some of the events you don’t want the action and you will need to sort out what you want to offer and what you don’t.

  • Lines and Odds: You must set them every single day of the year. If you are a local bookie than you may be used to giving odds on the fly or copycatting from Vegas or the online bookies.

  • This is not only a bad idea that can cost you big profits, but it’s also a nightmare. Clients calling you at all hours of the day before the event of sometimes 30-seconds before the event and asking to get in quick and they want a line.

  • What if you haven’t thought about that game all day or have no idea the game even exists? This only leads to trouble. The PPH sets the daily lines and odds for every sporting event that you offer. You work with the PPH as to what you want to offer, and they set it up daily with the best lines and odds available. You have to option to change them at any time before the event goes off the board.

Thankfully, the PPH is no longer an expensive venture, $7-$15 per head will get you the best customer service on the internet and it will give you the best gaming website. You clients will love the ability to gamble 24/7, and they will love not having to call you every time they want to place a bet – better yet, you will love them for not Calling You at 3.00 am! It’s time to make this move and get yourself online with a fantastic gaming website.