Price per Head Sportsbook Bookie Software $10 per head


Easy Setup Here

If you want easy or if you have ever wished for an easy button as a bookmaker, you have come to the right place because we know where to find it. The pay per head has come along at the right place in time and they have indeed made everything easy. There is an easy setup for you when considering an online account and taking your business to the next level.

  • One of the biggest misnomers about the PPH is ease of use. Often, you will hear how difficult it is to use the PPH or how expensive it is. Both of these notions are simply not true. The best PPH providers have sharpened their software and it now includes a state-of-the-art user interface that makes it a snap for you to use and just as easy for your clients.

  • Th price point is beyond reasonable at around $7-$10 per heads, per week for active players. You will never pay for inactive players and you only pay once. The fee includes unlimited gambling from for your client and that means they can play in the sportsbook, the racebook, and in the casino.

  • The PPH will custom-build your website for free. They will have it set up for your use in a day or two and all you will need to do is set up your players with individual accounts and they can start playing. If you have hundreds or thousands of players – the provider will help you integrate them.

  • If you are not offering them then you must start today! Future lines are a great source of petty cash as well as a great source of future income. Players think they can see the future and they believe they have all the answers when it comes to predicting future events such as the NFL Playoffs, the NBA, the NHL, and MLB. Not only do you want to offer the major American sports futures, but you also want to offer such sports as tennis, golf, auto racing, and much more. Find a pay per head that offers these futures and one that sets the lines for you. Of course, you can set your lines and you will be in charge; however, this is a very nice service to have.

  • Again, you must be offering them. There is one way that you earn a great living as a bookie and that is with cross-action. You must have players playing and you want as much cross-action as possible. You don’t always get that and the one way to counteract this problem is by offering many prop lines. Your clients love verity and they will bet what you lay before them. Give them every opportunity t do so and keep them loyal. The competition is fierce, so be ready and come loaded for bear!

  • You need alternative lines to be an everyday part of your daily offerings. Your goal is to earn a six-figure income and to do that you must have open channels. You want your players to bet on all of the sports and to take the alternative lines. They feel they are better than you and they will do everything they can to beat you out of a buck or two. Give them the opportunity, sooner or later the money will come rolling in.

  • Football is right around the corner and this means BUSY! If you want to be prepared and if you want to make a fortune this season, then get in now with a free trial of the software and a completely free gaming website.

It’s time to stop killing yourself for crumbs, for pennies on the dollar, and time to start earning what you are worth as a bookmaker. The price is fair, the service is impeccable, and you will see what you have been missing all of these years. We know that a local bookies life is not easy, however, now, you have no excuse. Every local bookie MUST use a pay per head. This is the only way to successfully manage your players and earn a fantastic living, Call the PPH today and try for free.