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In this guide, we’re going to discuss ways bookies can market themselves to increase profits.

At the end of the day, bookies make money on turnover. A bookie with only a few active players that turnover a small amount of money will obviously make much less than bigger competitors.

In an extremely competitive industry like sports betting, you have to stand out from the crowd.

We also stress the importance of paying players on time, every time, but that’s not always enough to retain some players and it also won’t help you when trying to source new players.

Bookie Marketing Tips

We’re going to discuss some of the common ways to entice new players to join as well as some ways to help retain loyal players. Sometimes as a bookie, it’s important to give a bit back to your clients.

Consider these tried and tested marketing methods to grow your sportsbook business:

  • Bonuses: Always offer an optional sign-up bonus and reload bonus. The rollover on bonuses are tough for most casual players to clear before they end up going broke anyways.

New players bonuses, reload bonuses and even special bonuses, such as a Super Bowl bonus, are great ways to get new players on board and to entice inactive players to make a deposit.

For example, many bookies will offer a Super Bowl bonus two weeks prior to the game. In order to claim the bonus, players need to make a qualifying deposit and then meet the rollover.

  • Cashback: You may have noticed some bookies offer “Gamblers Insurance”, which is the same as cashback. At the end of the month, losers can claim X% of their losses.

There are numerous ways to set-up this bookie offer. By offering 10% cashback to losers at the end of the month, you’ll build a good relationship with your players and most will remain loyal.

  • Contests: Offer exciting contests with cash prizes, free bets or bonuses. Get creative. The most popular times of the year for contests are the NFL playoffs and March Madness.

Contests work great for marketing purposes, but only when you have enough players. If you only have 10 players on your betting sheet, you don’t want to offer a $1000 bracket contest.

Reach Out to Other Bookies

You should also work on building some contacts with other bookies.

A lot of bookies don’t operate year-round or they end up closing shop for good in some cases and when this happens, there’s a chance they’ll recommend your sportsbook to their clients.

It’s also possible to build your betting sheet by partnering with some agents. They bring in players and you pay them a commission (percentage of losses) at the end of every week.

You’re on the hook when an agent’s platters win, so it’s important to study the betting reports.

Pay Per Head Offer

Ready to launch a sportsbook? It’s time to join a pay per head (PPH) provider.

PPH services also offer promotions, including free trials. You can start a sportsbook today and you won’t have to pay any per head fees until after the first four weeks.