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Hiring a reliable price per head company is the best investment for your future. We make this possible by taking care of your day to day operation so we can concentrate on increasing your player base and social connections. More players convert to more money in your pocket at the end of the week.

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  • American / European odds
  • Bet Ticker
  • IP Tracker (players & subagents)
  • Secure & Discrete Environment
  • Customized Line Profiles

We take security, development and privacy as one of our top priorities. All the information your players submit on their accounts is encrypted and only viewable by you and our personnel.

We have thousands of satisfied customers that expect nothing but the best service from us and this helps us improve as time progresses. We are the trusted price per head provider world wide.

Satisfaction Guaranteed, our commitment to you is real and we have had the same objective since we open our doors for business. Start TODAY! Call Us Toll-Free: 877-386-0180.

Key Fetures
Player Management Detailed information for all your players

You’ll be able to set passwords, credit limit, minimum and max wager amount from this feature, it is definitely one of the most use feature for the agent.

Manage Your Finances Keep track of your players

Being able to manage the credit limit for each player means that you will be able to handle your finances in a better way by knowing when to increase or decrease the credit for a player.

Financial Exposure Breakdown fo players and sub-agents

This feature will help you understand where and what are the players betting, as well as the types that your players like the most giving you the chance to know what do you need on a specific game or event.

Player Totals Weekly Balances and Player Totals

Always be on top of the player total, this will give you the information about a player total win/loss wagers, it will also let you know how many open bets a player has and how many adjustment the agent has made on a player account.

Open Bets and Bet Ticker Open Bets Report

Keep track of your players open bets, this feature will allowed the agent to check all details of the bets, time of the game or event, sport, league, placed time and risk/win amount.

Financial Reporting See your cash flow

This report will show you all receipts, disbursement and adjustment that have been made on a player account, it could be filter by transaction type which will make the job easier for the agent.

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Your entire book making operation will take off after hiring a premium price per head service like ours. With us you will be able to manage player profiles, move lines and give or remove access to certain parts of the sportsbook. Our software is flexible enough to run any device with an internet browser.

Just call 877-386-0180 now and see why so many agents have joined PricePerHead365.

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